What is the currency on the website? How do I know the price in USD? 

The currency on the website is Vietnam Dong, our site can only support purchases for people located in Vietnam. However, you can view the products on our website nztoys.vn, and send us what you are interested in through DM on Facebook/Instagram/Email and we can help you with the price in USD! 
What's a pre-order product? Why are released products priced higher? 
Pre-order is your way to secure the latest statues that have been announced but yet finished in production. Due to the limited quantity of statues, the studio will only produce pre-order quantities. Therefore, ordering a statue during the pre-order period will ensure that you will have this product at it's original price. When a product is released, there's a high chance you can still get it, but at a higher price. 
Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do! We have 2 options for shipping: 
_ Express via plane (5-7 days) 
_ Slow and cheap via Sea/Train (30-45 days)
Just send us your address and we can give you the exact fees. 
Why is shipping only known at release?
Shipping charges will be according to the box size and weight of the product. When your order is made, the product will get sent to our warehouse to measure and weight. 
We can send you an initial estimate of the shipping cost beforehand, but that'll only be an estimate of less or more. After-sales service Before shipping, we will ask you for your consent to open and check inside the packages for breakages. If the problem is found there, we can ask for replacement parts and replace it for you before shipping. 
If a product arrives at your place with breakages, we can still try and support you in talking with the studio for replacement, but we will need a video of your unboxing progress
Not all studios can send replacements, especially for products that are released for a long time. At this point, we will try and find a local fixer to help you, or we'll give you a partial refund based on the damage. The maximum warranty period upon receipt of resin is 1 week, in the event of breakage or missing parts please report the damage to the customer service team.
How do I make payments? What currency do you accept?
Payments can be made via Paypal/Wire Transfer/Credit card via USD. However, If you want to pay via Paypal's goods and services, an additional 4.5% fee will be included.
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